I am so glad you’re here! I want this blog to be a place where you can get to know me, see a glimpse into my life, and also get ideas for sessions! Maybe you’re looking for locations for a family or engagement session. Or gathering ideas to make your wedding inspiration board on Pinterest. I hope I can help!


< What I am telling myself:

Smile normally… do the candid laugh thing you tell your clients. Andddd, here’s what I got.

I live east of Dallas on a little piece of land with my husband, one year old, dogs, horses, barn cats, chickens… and the list goes on. I’ve always been a HUGE animal lover. Growing up, I thought I would be a vet. When I went to college, I saw the list of classes and how long school was going to take. Anyone else? Haha.

I will say, I have absolutely no regrets where life, scratch that- where God has taken me. I believe he always has a plan greater than our own. I’ll get a little more into my story as you get to know me on here, but keeping this one short and sweet. Here’s a few shots from the past month. A little of where we live, the daily chores and what not. [Click the image to scroll through.]